All the Good Stuff

I feel like everytime I post it’s about all of the good stuff.  We’ve done a lot of traveling.  We left in the middle of January and headed out West.  As you saw below, part of our time was spent in Southern California.  We then made our way up through California to Washington.  We spoke at a church in Spokane, and had a wonderful time with the people there.  We speedily headed back to the Midwest so Jordan could fly out to Savannah for the Fellowship Meeting there.  And I got to hang out in Kansas City with my mom and dad for a week.  Way fun! After that we headed to Springfield and things got scary.  I had this bump on my knee which turned out to be MRSA.  It’s starting to get better but I had some pretty bad days.  I would show you pictures of what it looked like, but it’s quite gross. 

We got to go to Tulsa and speak in our friends youth group and then hang out for a few days.  It was nice to be with our great friends and just share life together for a few days. 

The boys had a lot of fun, just bein boys:

And us girls had fun.  Of course there was crafting involved.

Here’s what we made:

This weekend will definitely keep me going for a while.  I’m thankful for my friends.


One Response to “All the Good Stuff”

  1. jeterfan24 Says:

    You just inspired me! I really want and feel the need to create lately. How have things been going as far as new years resolutions? I’m behind on my reading but it’s been good. Miss ya!

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