Kid’s Art?

Sometimes you do things in life that may not have been on your list, but then you find it’s not such a bad idea. Here in Hutch at Westside Baptist Church, they’ve been going through a remodel for the past year now. They’ve updated there whole children’s ministry and the workers are almost done. But there’s one last project…painting murals on all of the walls and decorating everything. And I’ve been recruited. I knew my degree wasn’t all for fun. Today I went in and talked to Jodie, the secretary, and got things all figured out for the big game plan. With a new goal in mind I went to Hobby Lobby, got some supplies and got to work. It was kind of an obsession. I couldn’t stop working on the painting. So i have one down and three more to go, but that’s just the canvases going up in the nursery. Here’s a sneak peak at our theme which is taken from The Land of Milk and Honey
Painting for the Nursery
So as Jordan and I were staring at it from the couch…we thought with his writing skills and my artistic abilities we should make children’s books. And I thought I didn’t even like kids. I’m kidding…mostly. Maybe it will be our goal to accomplish that in the next few years before we have our own.


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