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A Master of Legos


It’s amazing to me when someone takes a simple object and turns into a masterpiece.  I love creatvity and imagination.  I hope I never lose that.    In our time here in Kansas City, we came across this exhibit at Crown Center:

The Art of the Brick™ (An Art Adventure with LEGO® Bricks)
The exhibit consists of approximately 30 artworks created solely from LEGO® blocks, by artist Nathan Sawaya. The amazing designs include Lennon Tribute, Apples, Infinity, Sunflower and Globe, ranging in size from 20 inches to 78 inches.
Phone: 816-274-8444
Admission: FREE
Time: Open during Crown Center Shops regular shopping hours
Location: Crown Center Shops, Level 1 Atrium



I’ve been everywhere man


Hello world.  Comin at ya from good ole KC, MO, one of the many places I like to call home.  We’ve reached the hump in our three week tour.  We’ve got a few more days here in Kansas City and then it’s off to Springfield for a week.  Traveling is one of my favorite parts of what we’re doing right now.  We have gotten the privelage to see some wonderful places, but even better than that…spend time with some amazing people.   I love that no matter where you go, there’s always people there that make any place feel somewhat familiar.  Here’s a look back to where we’ve been:  

As we left Oklahoma, we decided to stop at this place cause it was just too cool to pass by.  It was called Waylan’s Hamburgers The Ku-Ku.  As you can guess they served hamburgers, but they also had a long list of fried everything.  I just went for a dipped cone and Jordan got a chocolate malt.


When we got to Arkansas we were thrown into the world of youth.  I’ll tell you what, nothing pumps you up more than a couple hundred teens screaming and jumping around.  We definitely had a great time being with the teens from Westside at LIFT camp.  I need to hang around them more to get my adrenaline pumping!


There’s no place like home.  Kansas City has been great!  My family is here so we’ve gotten a lot of time to hang out with them, and some great friends that are pretty close to being family.  We celbrated the 4th pretty low key, and we’ve also had some of the best barbeque.  I’ll be glad to get the chance to come back here again soon.  More to come about the Show Me state later.

Tulsa Town


So we’ve been out on a three week excursion, and we’re just in the beginning of it.  Tulsa was our first stop along the way and what a great time it was.  Hung out with great friends and Jordan’s family, and visited an amazing church on Sunday.  We’re hopin to come back soon.  I think Tulsa has a lot to offer.  So a big shout out and thanks to all of Jordan’s aunts and grandma, the Wilsons, and the Reynolds…you guys are a blessing!