Weekend Update

Hello all!  This weekend was so great!  It would have been better to actually spend the day with my Dad on Father’s Day, but we will be together soon and for a whole week and a half!  WOOHOO!  I can’t wait to see you Dad!

On Saturday, Jordan made me breakfast and then despite the rain, we hit up some garage sales.  Can I just say how much I love garage sales.  And not just any garage sales, but Hutchinson garage sales.  Ok…I love gagrage sales.  It’s true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or woman for that matter, and this woman has some cool new things for art projects.  Feast your eyes on these gems!

On Sunday, we had a great day at church grabbed some quick lunch and then did some grocery shopping so I could cook dinner for Jordan’s family.  I made meatloaf, mac and cheese, and fresh green beans.  All from scratch.  Call me and we’ll make you dinner sometime. 

 After we ate, and sat around and talked a bit, it was time to jump in the pool to cool off.  I don’t know how hot it is where you live, but here in Hutch…it’s hot!

It started raining while we were out there, but we all jumped in the hot tub, and took cover under the hot tub cover.  It even started hailing.  Maybe being in a pool is not the safest place to be, but it sure was fun.  I do love the sky after all of the clouds roll in though.


I’m really excited about this week.  We’ve got quite a bit going on and I’m working on some fun things with my art.  I’ll keep you updated.  Until then…I’ll see yeah next time.


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