You’re the Inspiration

Chicago was really on to something…
Everywhere I’ve been there have been people who inspire me creatively. It’s just how I work…I have to talk it out. Since being here, I’ve had some difficulty finding my flow. Learning how to work in a new space, looking at things, and calling my mom about 10 times a day to see what she might have to say about it. I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed really. I have so many ideas for how to use art in ministry. And seem to be creating this pressure for myself, of tapping into something great that the masses will go crazy for. I read this interview with Rosie Thomas and she said something that stuck with me. She had talked about when her Dad gave her her first guitar he said:

“Rosie, you are a musician no matter what.”
“What do you mean?”
“Whether you play for your family, for 10 people, or a thousand, you’re a musician. You’re effective no matter what.”

She also went on to talk about collaborating with people on her albums, and just having a sense of community. I love that. And if you know me, you know how much I’m obsessed with the thought of community. I’ve been thinking today of all the people who have encouraged me along the way, who helped me talk it out. So my art isn’t just about my story. It’s also about the people on the journey with me, and to you I say thanks! You’re the reasons why I do what I do…and if you’re the only ones, that’s all that matters. So Erin…this pic’s for you.


One Response to “You’re the Inspiration”

  1. kchowells Says:

    “Nikki, you are an Artist!” God has richly blessed you and will use you to make a difference for His kingdom. So honor Him in all you do and make your mark a positive part of His creation.

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